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I’m working as project manager at the Rule of Law Programme at FBA. For several years I worked at policy level and as an NGO advisor in civil society-related issues in post-conflict, transition and crisis settings. I’ve also worked as a lecturer in development and humanitarian studies at Uppsala University.

A Farewell to Arms

6 september, 2016 av gästbloggare

The first question that most probably comes to mind is, why this title? I just happened to be reading Ernest Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms at the same time that I am packing my bags to leave FBA after three years (six, if I count working as a consultant for FBA’s prolific and innovative Rule of Law Programme).

Hemingway’s book is set during a time of unending war, displaced populations and uncertainty across Europe. The backdrop is the ... Läs hela inlägget »

September 2015 was a big month in terms of reshaping the development discourse and sharpening the focus of the much maligned Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). And not a moment too soon. What we got were 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are intended to pave the way for more measurable outcomes that are grounded in specific objectives related to security, human rights, governance and the rule of law. The SDGs are effectively about unambiguous objectives rather ... Läs hela inlägget »

Tense wait for Ukraine

23 maj, 2014 av gästbloggare

Coming from Stockholm to Kiev for the first time since the end of November last year, you don’t know where to begin. Back then it was all about the Ukrainian government signing on the dotted line of the Association Agreement with the European Union. Now, following the shocking scenes of Maidan and the shoot to kill policy by the government on protesters, you’re struck numb by the wreckage of the aftermath. The many pictures of the ... Läs hela inlägget »


In any society, the provision of legal safeguards in administrative processes is a cornerstone of strengthening greater adherence to the rule of law as well as building up a sense of civic trust between the government and the governed. This all sounds very high-minded and pretty abstract to the ordinary person on the street, especially if he or she‘s Liberian, but at least we can rest easy in the knowledge that the rule of ... Läs hela inlägget »