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Christian arbetar på FBA:s program för dialog och fredsmedling. Han har tidigare jobbat på programmet för forskning och utveckling, och varit utsänd från FBA till FN:s utvecklingsprogram UNDP i Genève.

December often is a time to look back at the year that has passed and like everywhere else, at FBA it is part of the job. It comes with filing reports, tying up loose ends and ensuring all paper work is in order before the new year starts, and with it a new budget and new projects.

Another part of the job working for FBA and the Dialogue and Peace Mediation Unit is traveling. Over the past ... Läs hela inlägget »

When we read about the role of natural resources in countries affected by fragility or conflict, the stories are usually grim. We read about armed groups, criminal gangs and governments fighting over land and access to valuable resources, about exploitation of communities and destruction of the environment. The resources fuel the conflict as armed groups exploit the natural wealth of the territories they control. In West Africa, blood diamonds funded rebel groups, the so-called Islamic State ... Läs hela inlägget »